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Registration Now Open for Electronic Notaries Public

Wed, 11/30/2022

(COLUMBIA, SC) – Today South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond announced that his office has launched the online application for the registration of electronic notaries public.  “Notaries who are interested in performing electronic notarizations are now able to register by submitting an online application at,” said Secretary Hammond.  “The implementation of electronic notarization will allow South Carolina to keep pace with other states’ adoption of technological innovations to make transacting business more efficient.” 

The South Carolina Electronic Notary Public Act was signed into law in May 2021, and regulations for electronic notarization were finalized in June 2022.  Since that time, the Secretary of State’s Office has developed an application to allow commissioned notaries public to register online through its electronic notary portal.  This portal allows a notary public to watch an educational video and complete statutorily required testing. After successful completion of the testing requirement, the notary public will then select the approved vendor that will provide the technology to perform electronic notarizations. The final step will allow the notary to receive and print their electronic notarial certificate.   

The adoption of electronic notarization will allow South Carolina notaries public to notarize electronic records using an electronic seal and signature.  Electronic notarization differs from remote notarization in that electronic notarization requires the notary to be in the physical presence of the signer. At this time, South Carolina has not legalized remote notarization.

For more information on electronic notarization and the requirements to register as an electronic notary public, please visit the Secretary of State’s website



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