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SC Secretary of State Mark Hammond Kicks Off International Charity Fraud Awareness Week by Releasing 2021-2022 Wise Giving Report

Mon, 10/17/2022

(COLUMBIA) – Today Secretary of State Mark Hammond released his office’s 2021-2022 Wise Giving Report as part of International Charity Fraud Awareness Week, which runs from October 17th through October 21st.  “It has always been my belief that the best defense against charity fraud is the educated donor, which is why I encourage anyone thinking about donating to a charity to do so wisely,” said Secretary Hammond.  “Public education campaigns like International Charity Fraud Awareness Week are a great way to encourage donors to remain vigilant and always do their research before responding to a solicitation.”

International Charity Fraud Awareness Week serves to raise public awareness by focusing on charity fraud, cybercrime, and best practices for charitable organizations, and includes participation from charities, regulators, law enforcement and other stakeholders.  Donors can learn more information by visiting the Prevent Charity Fraud web page, and follow the social media campaign at #StopCharityFraud.

The Secretary of State’s 2021-2022 Wise Giving Report provides tips on wise charitable giving and includes data from professional solicitor fundraising contracts and financial reports filed in 2021 and 2022.  The Wise Giving Report also includes the 2022 Give Smart Watch List—a list of 10 charitable organizations registered to solicit in South Carolina that have reported spending less than 40% of their total expenses on their charitable programs, and use a significant portion of their revenue on fundraising expenses.  The organizations included in this year’s Give Smart Watch List and the percentage of total revenue that they reported spending on program expenses are listed below:

  • Aid for Starving Children, Santa Rosa, CA—27.6%
  • Kids Wish Network, Palm Harbor, FL—32.5%
  • Coming Home Foundation, Jupiter, FL—12.0%
  • Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund, Sarasota, FL—1.5%
  • National Cancer Center, Plainview, NY—33.2%
  • Paws of Honor, Inc., McLean, VA—14.6%
  • Smiling Dog Farms, Wharton, TX—28.7%
  • United Cancer Support Foundation, Knoxville, TN—7.8%
  • Veterans Relief Network, Inc., Dyer, IN—13.8%
  • Volunteer Firefighter Alliance, Inc., White Pine, TN—23.4%

“The charities highlighted in this year’s Give Smart Watch List represent issues that most people care deeply about, such as veterans’ assistance, support of law enforcement and first responders, relief for vulnerable children, and others,” said Secretary Hammond.  “However, it is important that donors look closely at any organization before donating, especially when presented with an issue that is close to their heart.”

Donors can research all charities and professional fundraisers currently registered to solicit in South Carolina through the Secretary of State’s website at  The Charity Search, Professional Fundraiser Search and Raffles Search engines provide registration and financial data, as well as electronic copies of financial reports. Donors can also submit a confidential complaint about a charity, professional fundraiser, or raffle through the Online Charitable Solicitation Complaint Form that is available on the Secretary of State’s website, or contact the Secretary of State’s Division of Public Charities at 1-888-CHARITI (242-7484) or


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